Apr 30, 2022

Tang Xuan Ge · Phoenix Dancing in the Sky | Han and Tang civilization, a charming display of light and shadow!

We strive to express our reverence for history in our own way and use design to carry on into the future.


Project Name | Tang Xuange · Phoenix Dancing in the Ninth Heaven.
Project Location | Xi'an, Shaanxi.
Designed Area | 4000 square meters.
Interior Design | Shenzhen Hope Box Construction Design Co.,Ltd.
Project Construction |Shenzhen Hope Box Construction Design Co.,Ltd.
Project Photography|Ten-view Culture



China has experienced many ups and downs over its 5,000-year history, with brilliant ancient civilization and sparkling cultural spirit emerging from the turbulent waves. Among them, the culture of the Han and Tang dynasties has been widely inherited and promoted from ancient times to the present day. The client of this case also requested a design theme centered around Han and Tang culture based on the store name. The influence of Han and Tang culture is evident.



 Water condenses all things.


Entering the reception area on the first floor, one's eyes are immediately drawn to a large, high-strength sculpture painting titled "Guanzhong Plain", which was produced based on satellite photos. As the saying goes, "water gathers everything". Wei River is the lifeblood of Xi'an, and the distinct rivers of Jing and Wei in the background are emphasized with a metallic copper texture.



 Ancient yet trendy.


Turning right at the entrance, you will find a first-floor seating area with scattered tables. The overall space boldly uses rose gold, and the soft furnishings are decorated with water glass chandeliers, which are further enhanced by the Han Dynasty glass screens. The Han clothing patterns under the copper Han tiles eaves are faintly visible. The form of the Han clothing seems to be expressed in the form of film, arranged in an orderly manner from civilians to officials, and flowing out one after another.




Flowers bloom with prosperity.


Upon taking the elevator to the second floor, you enter a brilliant yet elegant entrance hall leading to the banquet hall. The entire wall of the entrance hall is covered with a hand-embroidered peony and bird pattern created by a skilled embroiderer from Zhenhu, Suzhou. It took her half a year to complete the piece, and the phrase "flowers bloom with prosperity, red and lively" is vividly displayed here.




Conch Flower Petals 


The main banquet hall, located on the right side of the entrance hall, can be flexibly divided into 5 small banquet halls according to demand. Due to architectural issues, several columns in the middle of the banquet hall are weakened into glowing bodies using crystal glass and mirror. They support the GRG ceiling with abstract petal shapes.



Building craftsmanship 


To the left of the entrance hall is a separate small banquet hall that uses the Han Dynasty's beam and arch structure as the ceiling design. The texture of the material is realistically expressed through the use of aluminum alloy etched texture imitating wood structure. Each node is equipped with a hanging pomegranate glass lamp, making the structure appear even more rich and natural.



continuous three-dimensional. 


The background of the elevator on the third floor features a backlit Qinling mountain range. The mountain structure is made of stainless steel electroplated copper grids, with two layers of lighting making the mountain range appear more continuous and three-dimensional. In addition to the two semi-circular arches leading to the private rooms and kitchen, the rest of the partition walls are outlined by lights to display the ancient architectural patterns of the Daming Palace and the Bell and Drum Tower, showcasing the regional characteristics through a combination of metal and lighting.



Hua Yue's fairy palm


The background of the elevator hall on the third floor features an illuminated image of the Qinling Mountains. The mountain structure is made of stainless steel electroplated with copper grating, and the two layers of illumination make the mountain range appear more continuous and three-dimensional. In addition to the two semi-circular arches leading to the private dining rooms and kitchen, the rest of the grating is outlined with lights to depict the ancient architecture of the Ming Palace and Bell Tower. The regional characteristics are presented through the combination of metal and lighting.



Ba Liu Feng Xue 


"Ba Liu Feng Xue," one of the "Eight Scenic Wonders of Guanzhong." The wall decoration uses high-definition printing and dyeing technology to display an artistic tapestry, with materials selected from the Tang Dynasty painter Zhang Xuan's "The Guo State Lady's Spring Outing," depicting the third sister of the beloved concubine of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, Lady Guo, and her entourage dressed in their finest attire, in a typical environment of "shame and horror along the road."



atmosphere of the era 


The entire fourth floor consists of VIP private rooms, with the central corridor's ceiling raised as high as possible. In the middle of each door is a double-layer hot-melt glass with a carved Tang Dynasty armored knight, which is both vivid and ensures the transparency of the corridor. The corridor walls are made of a large LED screen combined with hot-melt water pattern glass. When the screen is off, it appears to be a deep pool of water, and when the LED screen is on, its various patterns seem to transport people into different eras and atmospheres.



Mount Taibai Covered in Snow 


The inspiration for the VIP room "Tai Bai Ji Xue" comes from Mount Tai Bai. Due to its high altitude, thin air, and cold climate, snow accumulates on the mountain all year round, even during the hottest summer months. The platinum crystal sculpture in the room symbolizes the solidified icy water on Mount Tai Bai. The lifelike horse in the screen adds to the vividness of the space.



Drinking by the Qujiang River 


Xi'an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, and the wall is decorated with a finely engraved copper drawing of the Silk Road map. In the VIP room, "Qujiang Liuyin", the curved shape of the flowing water ceiling lights and the hanging cup-shaped pendant lights are in harmony with Shaanxi Province's "Qujiang Pool", complementing each other and complementing each other.



Yanta Morning Bell 

This VIP room is named "Morning Bell at the Wild Goose Pagoda". The tiered ceiling and simplified glass chandelier in the shape of an ancient bell of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda are integrated into the design of the room, evoking the ambiance of the Morning Bell at the Wild Goose Pagoda. The floor features a mosaic wooden floor in the shape of horseshoe prints, while the walls and chair backs are decorated with horse-related elements, creating a cohesive atmosphere.



The five-thousand-year history is not something that can be achieved overnight, and the cultural heritage that has condensed over time cannot be fully encompassed by mere words. We strive to express our respect for history in our own way and use our design to carry on the future.