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    Construction Drawing Designer

    1、Able to independently complete a set of construction drawings;
    2、Final review of construction drawings to meet the submission standards;
    3、Cooperate with the scheme designer to deepen and draw a set of interior construction drawings;
    4、Ability to independently follow up on site and communicate with clients.

    1、Diploma or above in interior design or related majors, with more than three years of work experience. Experience in construction drawing design or scheme deepening in a professional (decor) design company is preferred;
    2、Proficient in using office software, such as Photoshop and CAD;
    3、Strong working ability and efficiency, love for design work, innovative spirit, proactive working attitude, willingness to learn and a good team spirit.

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    Independent Concept Designer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1、Independently conceptualize design ideas and refine them for further development and construction implementation.
    2、Assist in material selection, specification, and approval process.
    3、Present and explain design ideas to clients.
    4、Communicate with material suppliers to determine feasibility of the design concept.
    5、Coordinate with other engineering disciplines and design teams for project integration.
    6、Provide on-site design coordination and technical problem-solving support for construction process.

    Job Requirements:
    1、A degree in Interior Design, Environmental Design, Architecture, or a related field.
    2、Strong conceptualization and sketching skills.
    Have experience in designing various types of projects such as star-rated hotels, office buildings, large restaurants and entertainment spaces, commercial spaces, high-end clubs, villas, and residential areas. Able to accurately understand construction methods, structures, and materials.
    3、Excellent communication, coordination, and teamwork skills. Previous on-site construction experience is preferred.

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    Soft Furnishings Designer

    1、Independently complete soft furnishings design projects.
    2、Responsible for following up on the entire process from design to implementation, ensuring project progress, effectiveness, and quality to ensure smooth project delivery.
    3、Have unique insights and strong visual matching ability for furniture, lighting, curtains, fabrics, handicrafts, and various patterns, and be able to communicate production requirements with suppliers.
    4、Have a high sensitivity to color, possess the ability to configure accessories, combine materials, and control spatial scales.
    5、Coordinate with construction projects based on the design plan and follow up on the project.


    1、Relevant majors such as fine arts, fashion, and design, with a college degree or above (priority given to graduates from art schools).
    2、At least 3 years of experience in soft furnishings design work.
    3、Can independently complete soft furnishings decoration projects for villas, clubs, hotels, and residences.
    4、Able to hand-draw design sketches, proficient in using software such as CAD, PS, etc.
    5、Familiar with soft furnishing materials such as furniture, lighting, curtains, accessories, handicrafts, etc., and their characteristics and craftsmanship.
    6、Able to fully understand the needs and changes in the domestic and foreign markets, have a certain sense of beauty, and can perceive the beauty in life.

  • 04/

    Soft Furnishing Assistant

    Job Responsibilities and Requirements:
    1、Responsible for assisting the company's soft furnishing design, and coordinating with the company's designers for design ideas and planning.
    2、With one year or more experience in interior design or soft furnishing, having a deep understanding of various soft furnishing styles, able to independently handle the positioning of all movable furniture, paintings, lighting, fabrics, and decorations in the model room, with practical experience in completing soft furnishing design or layout cases.
    3、Major in environmental art, fine arts or interior decoration, with a college degree or above.
    4、Possess coordination ability in all aspects, understand the market, have unique innovation and aesthetic ability.
    5、Able to proficiently use software such as Photoshop, CAD, Power Point, Excel, Word, responsible for preparing various stages of soft furnishing design schemes, material sample preparation and reporting, and text production. Having strong graphic layout ability, responsible for the refinement and in-depth of soft furnishing design schemes, including furniture, accessories, and curtain schemes, with priority given to those with copywriting ability.
    6、Having strong visual matching ability, with a certain control ability over various styles and color matching, and a certain understanding and expression ability of space. Good at communication, with strong expression ability, able to coordinate all aspects of work well. Responsible for on-site coordination of soft furnishing projects.
    7、Cheerful personality, stress-resistant, with a strong sense of responsibility, able to obey business trips and overtime with a sense of responsibility and initiative. Take work seriously and meticulously; be diligent and pragmatic, and good at learning.

  • 05/

    Project Manager

    1、Possess solid professional construction experience and excellent communication skills;
    2、Have their own insights into the deepening of design construction drawings;
    3、Understand decoration materials and installation techniques;
    4、Strong overall planning ability, plan ahead for work arrangements;
    5、Strong sense of responsibility and ability to handle pressure.

    1、College degree or above;
    2、Over 5 years of experience in the industry;
    3、Have independently managed at least 2 projects with a cost of over 5 million yuan each;
    4、Possess a second-level qualification of registered constructor or above.

  • 06/

    Business Supervisor

    1、Responsible for business development and promotion of the company.
    2、Develop management systems for the business department, possess excellent organizational and coordination abilities.
    3、Have 3 years or more of sales experience in the decoration industry, building materials, engineering industry, marketing, interior design or related fields; possess certain knowledge of the decoration and renovation industry.
    4、Strong communication and interpersonal skills with an affable personality.

  • 07/


    Job Responsibilities and Requirements:
    1、Responsible for business development and promotion of the company.
    2、Develop new markets, develop new customers, maintain old customers, and expand business scope.
    3、With more than 1 year of sales experience in the decoration industry, building materials, engineering industry, marketing, interior design and other related majors; have a certain understanding of the decoration industry.
    4、Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, and affinity.
    5、Candidates with customer resources are preferred.

  • 08/

    Decorator Budget Officer

    1、Prepare the budget for relevant projects and calculate the cost of the project budget.
    2、Responsible for handling major contract changes and claims, timely review and adjustment of project payments.
    3、Accurately calculate the amount of work and make reasonable itemization to adjust the unit price.
    4、Summarize the materials used in the project and complete the material and project cost estimation work of the project.
    5、Based on technical changes or on-site conditions, verify the project quantity and concealed project data, and determine change and visa fees.
    6、Handle completion settlement with the construction team, check and calculate the project quantity of the construction drawings.
    7、Calculate and summarize the settlement price of the project, issue cost settlement documents, and participate in the finalization of the project, while tracking the settlement work of the audit department.
    8、Accept other consulting work related to project cost at various stages of the project.
    9、Prepare monthly reports for engineering projects.

    1、College degree or above in engineering cost-related majors.
    2、Familiar with national laws and regulations and industry standards, and familiar with the business process of engineering cost.
    3、More than 3 years of work experience in engineering cost.
    4、Master the calculation of engineering quantity and proficient in the preparation of engineering estimates, approximate estimates, budgets, settlements, and other work.
    5、Proficient in operating engineering cost-related software and office software.